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Steton provides aggregated visibility, intelligence and control into processes that make or break your business. Continually discover issues and make changes that enhance your company’s brand value and strengthen the customer experience at each touchpoint.

Improve Revenue And Profitability


Ensure Ongoing Compliance


Strengthen Operational Quality


Maintain Greater Control Of The Enterprise


How Can We Help You?

Steton helps you consistently deliver your brand promise and improve financial performance. We give you a clear vision into what is happening, the ability to quickly spot catastrophic stoppers and immediately trigger corrective actions, and an understanding of which “best practices” to replicate.
  • Capture key intelligence across the enterprise all the way to the point of presence where your customer interactions are at their most critical.
  • Gather accurate, timely intelligence that is easy to digest and develop processes for remedying issues before they become crises.
  • Monitor ongoing processes and performance in real time by creating the necessary forms and inputs that give you an accurate picture.
  • Pinpoint critical business and operational issues instantly through alerts and reporting that notify you when processes aren’t followed.
  • Implement corrective action and monitor change within the enterprise to ensure your plans are realized effectively.
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Get the Return You Expect

If you have multiple store locations across a region, it’s likely you deal with quality, compliance and brand consistency issues. These issues not only negatively impact your revenue and profitability, they can erode satisfaction and loyalty both inside and outside your organization. Uncovering these kinds issues can be just as overwhelming as ensuring they are corrected. Customers that use Steton see increases in same store revenues of 2-4% on average because Steton monitors relevant metrics that help them uncover strengths in one store that can be leveraged to improve revenue across the rest of the organization. Learn More

Global Reach


Steton is deployed in 120 countries and territories.

Over 285,000 users. 105,000 food service restaurants. 27,000 hotels and resort properties. 13,000, grocery and retail stores. Over 1.67 million assessments conducted last year. 128,000 locations serviced by independent and government auditors. Over 194.7 million questions answered in the past year. Global Reach

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Steton can keep you up to speed in a world of competitive, fast-changing customer preferences and regulatory requirements. Let us be part of your journey to greatness.

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